20 September 2014

Nautical nails with She Sells Seashells vinyls

Hi loves! Today I have some fun nautical nails to show you, using vinyls kindly sent to me by She Sells Seashells, a UK based nail art shop. The package took quite some time to arrive (over a month!) but I was so happy to see what was all in the envelope. Sarah creates both smaller stencils, full nail stencils and vinyls like straights and chevrons to create fun nail art looks. You can also pick up cute studs, decals and other nail art goodies in her webshop!

19 September 2014

Guestpost by Very Emily

Hi loves! Since I am enjoying a well deserved vacation in NYC, I asked 2 girls to join me and fill in some gaps with a guestpost. Today I have Emily from Very Emily and I couldn't be more honored! She does the bestest nail art and swatches and I adore her blog and Emily herself ♥. Thanks doll for making this beautiful guestpost, I'm really happy to finally be able to share it :D!


Hi everyone! It's Emily from the blog Very Emily. I am so honoured to be guest posting for Deborah today! I hope she is having an absolute blast in NYC. I've been a big fan of Love Varnish for ages so I'm pretty excited to be here. I'm totally fangirling and it's really nice to repay the favour as Deborah guest posted for me not too long ago.

17 September 2014

Pink marbled stamping nail art

Hi loves! Exciting news: I am on my way to New York City :-D! We are going there for a whole week and I can't wait to arrive and enjoy all the wonderful things this city has to offer. To keep you occupied as well I'll have 2 amazing guestposts while I'm gone and the other posts are just prepped in advance.

So, today's look is based on the monochrome nail art I did a while back, inspired by Nails by Cassis. This is basically the exact same look but with pink accents and white stamping ^^. Hit the "read more" button after the first picture to learn all about it!

16 September 2014

Swatches & Review - 6 El Corazon Prisma shades

Hi loves! Today I have 6 gorgeous shades from El Corazon to show you. These ase from the El Corazon Prisma line which means they have a lovely scattered holographic effect. On top of that, some of these also have a metallic flash to add some extra interest. I really liked the formula on these but there was one downside: the pigment that creates the metallic flash has a tendency to sink, so you might want to put these upside down before using them, to make it easier to mix them up.

Aren't sure what holographic exactly means? Check out my latest Learning the Lingo post to read all about it!

El Corazon Prisma collage swatches and review

15 September 2014

Swatches & Review - Shimmer Melissa & Jenny

Hi guys! I was feeling kind of creative last week, so I've got 2 more skittlettes with Shimmer polishes for you today. The first one is done with Shimmer Melissa, a gorgeous girly mix with magenta and gold, and the second one iw done with Shimmer Jenny, a bright and colourful mix of blue, purple and gold.