12 February 2016

Nail art & Review // Whats Up Nails Love Letters Stickers & Stencils

Hi loves! Today I am sharing some last-minute Valentine's nail art ideas since the "big day" is almost here. To be honest my boyfriend and I don't celebrate it, it's a bit overrated in my opinion ;-). But it's a good excuse to create some cute nails and if you use these stencils from Whats Up Nails you'll be left with gorgeous results!

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11 February 2016

Swatches & Review // Fair Maiden Stars In Your Eyes

Hi loves! I'm back again with a beautiful shade, and it's from a new to me brand! Fair Maiden Stars In Your Eyes is a store-exclusive for Mei Mei's Signatures and is still available if you like it ;-). Like I said, Fair Maiden is new to me but I quite liked this shade so there might be more in the future.

Fair Maiden Stars In Your Eyes

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10 February 2016

Review // GERmanikure Cuticle Nipper & Glass File

Hi loves! No nail polish today, instead I'm reviewing 2 nail care products from GERmanikure today! GERmanikure is a brand of high quality grooming essentials made by skilled craftsmen in Solingen, Germany. There are various products available and I'll be focussing on the cuticle nipper and glass file today.

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09 February 2016

Swatches & Review // Madam Glam Harvest, Mimosa & Pacific

Hi loves! Today I am sharing my monthly Madam Glam soak off gel picks, and as always I was pleasantly surprised by my picks :-). I went with some bright and happy colors along with a stunning shimmer shade.

Madam Glam Harvest Mimosa Pacific

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08 February 2016

Nail art // A blue stoned necklace

Hi guys! You know how I find inspiration for my nails in the weirder things? Like blankets? Well I've got another one of those today. But now I can show you the inspirational object as well, because it's a necklace! My eye fell on this pretty little thing in the drugstore, and I thought it was so cute (and discounted, yay!).

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