01 September 2014

Swatches & Review - Shimmer Trisha and Maria

Hi guys! I was in the mood for some blue polishes (still in my blue period I guess), so today I've got 2 (kinda) colour coordinated manicures for you! First up is a skittlette I did with Trisha, an orange mix with blue accents and second is a full manicure I did with Maria, a lovely blue glittermix.

30 August 2014

Zoya Bar

Zoya Magical PixieDust Bar
Hi loves! Today I have another glitter polish to show you, and it's quite magical (pun intended). This is Zoya Bar from the Magixal Pixie collection released last Spring. PrettyPolish was kind enough to send this to me! PrettyPolish is a nail polish stockist that has a great mixture of indie brands and mainstream labels. The most exciting thing is they stock brands we usually can't get our paws on brands such as Zoya and Color Club, but also piCture pOlish, SpaRitual and other brands. Shipping is available internationally so be sure to take a look and check out what they have to offer!

29 August 2014

Something old, something new... it isn't borrowed and it isn't blue!

Hi loves! Surprise surprise (though if you follow me on Instagram you already know) - I changed my nail shape! It had been in my head for weeks and when I snapped a corner on my middle finger nail, it felt like the right time to try and shape them rounded/almond. They are still a work in progress and I aim to shape them like this in the end, but I don't want to take off too much length so I file them bit by bit :-).

27 August 2014

Learning the Lingo - Cotton pads and balls

Hi loves! Welcome to another installment of Learning the Lingo! In this series I will talk about products you might use maintaining your nails and such, what my favorite product is in that category and to keep it fun and to learn something, I'll tell you the Dutch word for it too :-D! I hope you enjoy this post, let's get started with today's subject.

26 August 2014

Dance Legend Provence Petunia

Dance Legend Provence Petunia
Hi loves! Today I have the last glitter topper for you from the Dance Legend Provence collection, and it's called Petunia. Maria from Hypnotic Polish was so kind to send me this along with the previously reviewed Orchid and Pansy. The Dance Legend Provence collection consists of 18 shades, they all are glitters in a clear base meant as toppers. Fun fact: there is a little led light in the brush cap :-D.

So today I am showing you Dance Legend Provence Petunia which is a very girly glitter topper. It's made up of medium lavender, red and blue hexagonal glitter, with small lavender and tiny white hexagonal glitter added to that in a clear base. Finding undies for this one was a bit more tricky but I think that OPI Steady As She Rose is a nice match for it!