30 July 2014

Swatches & Review - The Cirque Kontiki Collection!

Hi loves! Today I have an of the most awesome releases this year to show you, and because I couldn't wait I pushed Learning to Lingo to this Friday. Hope you don't mind ^^. I am proud to introduce Cirque Colors The Kontiki Collection!

Cirque Colors The Kontiki Collection collage

Whether you're sipping on mojitos, jet-setting across the country or catching up on some well-deserved R&R, explore our latest release that will keep your nails looking hot in the heat. Inspired by endless summer days, we've created 3 limited edition lacquers each with a special color-shifting shimmer in a vivid translucent base.

29 July 2014

Hypnotic Polish exclusive Smitten Polish Elixir

Smitten Polish Elixir Hypnotic Polish exclusive
Hi loves! Today I have another stunning polish for you exclusively produced for Hypnotic Polish, your favorite European based indie webshop :-)! This time it's coming from Smitten Polish and it's called Elixir. It's a lovely deep dark teal shade filled with a fine milled holographic glitter. Want to take a look?

This is my first experience with Smitten Polish, Loqi has reviewed Enchanted Forest before though. The bottle design is nice and slim, but still holds 15 ml. of product. The brush cap offers a good grip and the brush itself is flat and fans out well, without becoming too wide. The polish formula is okay, the first coat was a bit patchy but with an additional 2 thin layers it all looked good. The finish is a bit dull so top coat is a must, it doesn't dry gritty though!

Smitten Polish Elixir Hypnotic Polish exclusive

Smitten Polish Elixir Hypnotic Polish exclusive

What you are left with is the most sparkletastic, gorgeous looking teal shade. Teal is my favorite polish color so no surprise that I love this, but all my love for teal aside this is a truly gorgeous polish. Hypnotic Polish can be really proud with this exclusive shade! It's already available so if you want a bottle, head over there NOW!

Smitten Polish Elixir Hypnotic Polish exclusive

Smitten Polish Elixir Hypnotic Polish exclusive

Smitten Polish Elixir Hypnotic Polish exclusive

What do you think of this shade? Yay or nay? Tell me in the comments!
Hypnotic Polish is a European based indie stockist that ships internationally. Besides Smitten Polish, they also carry Dance Legend, El Corazon, Colors by Llarowe, Contrary Polish and many others. For more information check out their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram!

28 July 2014

Swatches & Review - Shimmer Julia & Kelly

Hi guys! It's been reallllly hot here the last couple of weeks, so I've been wearing bright and fun colours to fit the weather. Today I will be showing you 2 of them: Julia and Kelly! Julia is a lovely and blue with iridescence and Kelly is a vibrant green and gold mix. I paired both of them with a similar base colour, since both have a clear base themselves and I used Julia to make a gradient.

Wanna see?

26 July 2014

Swatches & Review - 3 Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend shades

Hi loves! Sorry for the delayed post, I just didn't have time to prep one for today and just finished swatching and reviewing the polishes I am showing you today :-). I want to introduce you to the Anna Gorelova by Dance Legend collection. Anna Gorelova is a Russian blogger with perfect nails and photographs. She makes each and every polish look perfect, so you might want to check out her blog (but watch your wallet ;-)). A while back she released a 12 piece collection she created together with Dance Legend. I got to pick 3 shades from it and I went with 05 Лебёдушка, 11 Мавка and 12 Змей Горыныч. She really created some fun and original shades, so let's take a look at them!

25 July 2014

A splatter nail art using Maybelline Bleached Neon shades

Hi loves! Today I have a fun and simple nail art to show you, using 2 of the Maybelline Bleached Neon shades. A week or so ago I grabbed 2 of them for €6,- (I just can't resist discounts!) and the pink has already graced my tips, but the green shade is a bit.. too green lol. I'll wear it eventually but for now I wanted to use it in another way. Splatter it is!

Fun fact: apparently the polishes have different names here compared to the US. Maybelline Lime Accent is called Chic Chartreuse here, and Pink Punch is Tropink. Also, there are only 4 shades available here instead of 8. Oh well, we always get denied the good stuff ;-).

23 July 2014

Stamping with Mundo de Uñas Iris

Mundo de Uñas Iris stamping nail art MoYou London Pro XL 06
Hi loves! How are you doing? Today is a special day here. You might have heard about the plane take was taken down last week above Ukraine. In that plane were 193 Dutch people, they all died a terrible death and today the bodies will arrive home for identification and proper burial. I can't even imagine how many families, friends, coworkers all have lost someone in their lives. It hasn't affected me personally but so many people were taken from us, and so it's a national day of mourning. I want to express my deepest sympathy to those affected by this terrible incident and hope they can find some kind of peace in getting their beloved ones back today.

22 July 2014

HARE Jackalopes - For Margot Tenenbaum & Perfect Storm

Hi loves! Today I have 2 lovely HARE Polish shades to show you which are part of the Jackalope series. Check my post about the first Jackalope called Anemone Gardens to read all about it :-). In this post you'll be seeing For Margot Tenenbaum, a minty green jelly with gold dots, hexes, flakies, and shimmer plus a smattering of glowy gold iridescent glitter as well. and Perfect Storm, a mix of fuchsia dots, neon pink hexes and squares plus gold dots and hexes in a deep navy blue jelly base. This shade is also accented by prominent gold, fuchsia and purple shimmer.