28 April 2016

Nail art // Paint All The Nails presents Monochrome

Hi loves! It's time for another Paint All The Nails challenge and this round the theme is monochrome. While monochrome can be explained as values of one color, this challenge was extra difficult because we were only allowed to use black, grey and white.

Want to see what I came up with?

26 April 2016

Guest post // Geometric stamping over at The Procrastinating Polishr

Hi loves! Since Jae from The Procrastinating Polishr is away on an epic vacation, she asked me to help her out with a guest post which I happily provided for her. So if you want to see more of the mani below, make sure to check out her amazing blog!

31 March 2016

Nail art // Paint All The Nails presents Pastel Geometric

Hi loves! I am posting today, yay! It's another Paint All The Nails challenge day and I had some inspiration last weekend so I whipped up this post, hope you enjoy ^^. The theme this month is Pastel Geometric (at first it was just pastel but it was a bit broad) and I think I matched the theme quite well.

Let's take a closer look!

23 March 2016

Personal // A small announcement

[Deborah] Hi loves! So.. the day has come, and I am not sure how to start this post properly without dropping a bomb: This blog is going to take a break. Or maybe quit. Yeah, I'm not sure yet.. this has been on my mind for quite some time actually, and lately I've been feeling like blogging all weekend every weekend just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm not the quickest swatcher out there, and reviewing an 8 piece collection for example usually takes me about 8 hours to prep (including the swatching, editing, writing).

Obviously I could accept less press samples, but that doesn't change the fact I want to publish a certain amount of posts every week, and to have content for those posts I need samples (because my wallet isn't overflowing with cash, bummer right?). It's a vicious circle and combined with the guilt I was feeling every time I didn't spent my free hours on blogging, I decided it would be best to take a step back from blogging completely. 

I've been meaning to keep participating in the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge (though I missed one event last Friday, sorry!) and the monthly Paint All The Nails Challenges, because I still love painting my nails and playing with polish. The passion is still there! So you might see an occasional update here, but I am not making any promises. Right now I kinda feel like really quiting...

The last few years I've got to meet so many great people through this journey, and for that I have to thank all of you, because without you I would not have lasted more than 5 years. Hopefully you understand my choice. Thanks so much for your comments, the pictures you shared with me when I inspired you and the kindness throughout this journey.

Another special thanks goes to Manon. She has been co-blogging with me since August, 2011 and it made it so much more manageable for me! I am so thankful she wanted to join me and share her gorgeous nails with us ♥.

[Manon] Hi guys! I don't quite know what to say really...Let me start by thanking Deborah for giving me the chance to participate on her lovely blog! I love painting my nails and I love sharing my hobby with others, but I've never had the ambition to blog all on my own. So when Deborah offered me a spot as a guestblogger all those years ago (omg, I didn't realise it has been this long, time flies when you are having fun!) I was so happy and honoured! And I still am! So thank you Deborah for giving me this perfect piece of blog to call my own ♥.

And thank you guys for all your interest and your sweet comments! Reading your reactions to a post always made my day and I will miss you! But as I mentioned above, blogging by myself was never something I aimed for. So for me this will also be a step back from posting. But who knows, maybe this won't be a definitive end. And if it is not, who knows, I may be back!

Thanks to all of you for all the fun, quirky, loving comments and the support you all showed over the years ♥!

22 March 2016

Swatches & Review // Colors by Llarowe Spring 2016

Hi loves! Today I am sharing the newest Colors by Llarowe collection with you. The Spring 2016 collection is a special one, as it is a tribute to a dear friend of Leah Ann who has been struggling with cancer and is in her last days.

There are times in life that we find a person who inspires us.  Even though I have never met Helen as she lives an ocean away, she is my hero.  I always thought life was just a means to an end and that life was a painful journey with rich rewards at the end.  I was wrong.  Helen has shown me that I need to treasure each and every moment here on earth and to live as if tomorrow will never come.  Helen finds joy in the smallest moments and even in adversity.  She is and has been battling an illness with grace, dignity and a zest for life I have not seen before.  She reminds me that there are challenges in life that show us what is really important and how to meet those challenges head on and never give up.  My outlook on life has changed dramatically just from knowing this wonderful lady who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Thank God for you Helen, it is an honor to be called your friend.  This collection was inspired by your spirit, your heart and your wonderful soul.

A portion of the proceeds from this collection are being donated to Helen's charity: https://www.willowfoundation.org.uk/donate.

Do you want to take a closer look?