31 October 2014

Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron

Hi loves! Today I am showing you a polish I had been lusting after for a while, and recently I decided to go ahead and purchase Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron through Hypnotic Polish (hint: there's a sale going on right now and it ends November 2nd!). The reviews about this indie had been nothing but raving and since I love a good vampy red shade, this felt like an appropriate introduction.

Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron

Curious to see what I thought about this shade? Read on to find out.

30 October 2014

Swatches & Review - Zoya Ultra PixieDusts

Hi loves! Another 3 piece set to show you today, and this time it's from Zoya! PrettyPolish was kind enough to sent me a set of the Zoya Ultra PixieDusts and I swatched them right away because I was very curious about them. If you are too, keep on reading!

They were all swatched over a base of Duri Rejuvacote, obviously no top coat was used.

29 October 2014

Icing Passionista

Hi loves! While I was in the US, I tracked down an Icing store nearby our apartment. I was surprised to see they changed their bottles shape to square bottles (instead of round ones similar to China Glaze). The new bottle shape along with some fine color choices made me splurge on a few bottles, and today I want to show you Icing Passionista, a beautiful matte purple shade with a red/pinkish shimmer.

Icing Passionista matte

Curious to see more (including how it looks with top coat)? Read on for more pictures ^^.

28 October 2014

Swatches & Review - 3 exclusive LilypadLacquer shades for Hypnotic Polish

Hi loves! Today I have a new to me brand to share, and boy has it impressed me! LilypadLacquer recently launched at Hypnotic Polish and when I saw Emily's swatches of the 3 exclusive shades, I couldn't stop drooling over Bronze Goddess. I ordered it right away and Maria was nice enough to provide me with mini's of the other 2 shades. I'll admit, normally I don't really like mini's for review, but these have normally sized brushes and brush caps so the experience was great.

LilypadLacquer Hypnotic Polish exclusives swatches review

All shades are shown over a base of Duri Rejuvacote and topped with Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat for a shiny finish.

27 October 2014

Essence Crazy Fancy Love

Hi guys! You know when you walk past a big display of polish in a store, knowing you have seen them all before and there is nothing left in there that you want to buy? I have that feeling most of the time with the Essence display. But a little while ago I needed a topcoat and glanced at the polishes by chance and I found a beautiful polish I had missed before: Essence Crazy Fancy Love.