15 December 2016

Nail art // Best of Paint All The Nails

Hi loves! Wow, talk about a loooong pause. Last time I updated this blog was June 27th, and the post coming up today might be the actual last one forever? I've been enjoying my time away from the blog so much, actually I've been stepping away from polish completely it seems. I still enjoy to paint my nails every now and then but most of the time they are naked O.o

27 June 2016

Guest post // Colorful ikat over at Very Emily

Hi loves! Since Emily from Very Emily is making the most of a lovely break and vacation, I had the pleasure of whipping up a guest post for her! Check out the full post right now :-).

26 May 2016

Nail art // Paint All The Nails Presents Dotticures

Hi loves! Yay, another post from me, hope you are enjoying these sporadic updates ^^. It's time for another Paint All The Nails challenge and this time we present dotticures! This is quite a broad theme so I can't wait to see what the other girls came up with. Make sure to check out the end of this post to see their nail arts as well!

Care to see what I did?

19 May 2016

Guest Post // Splash florals over at Peachy Polish

Hi loves! Since Valesha from Peachy Polish is enjoying her time in Hawaii, she asked me to help her out with a guest post and obviously I couldn't say no. Want to see more? Make sure to check it out!

28 April 2016

Nail art // Paint All The Nails presents Monochrome

Hi loves! It's time for another Paint All The Nails challenge and this round the theme is monochrome. While monochrome can be explained as values of one color, this challenge was extra difficult because we were only allowed to use black, grey and white.

Want to see what I came up with?