20 April 2015

Bold Black & White Curls

Hi guys! I told you a while ago that I got a couple of new MoYou plates for the holidays, but I realised today that I've hardly shown you any manicures with them. Shame on me! So to fix that, I've got a very bold manicure for you today!
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19 April 2015

Flashback Sunday #37

Hi loves! I want to take you back and look at what was posted a year ago. Who knows, maybe you didn't know this site back then, or maybe you just forgotten about the fun things we shared!

April 14th 2014 - April 20th 2014

A minty splatter manicure

Splatters! One of the most fun looking nailarts, terrible to clean-up, especially when you use a shimmer or foil like Manon did here. But, the results are always so fascinating!

17 April 2015

Splattered nails using Essie Penny Talk (a.k.a. a recipe for clean-up disaster.. or not?)

Hi loves! Woah can you tell I've been on a nailart kick lately? I really got my groove back and been enjoying stamping, but also gradients and even a splatter ^^. The reason I wouldn't do those too often is because clean-up can be a mess. Yeah, you can apply tape around your fingers but it would always get stuck to my nail instead of skin, or not be close enough to save me from the worst clean-up. But, with all the latex cuticle barriers out there clean-up is a breeze!

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15 April 2015

LilypadLacquer Diamond in The Rough stamped

Hi loves! Remember the beautiful LilypadLacquer shades I showed you last week? Well, it actually wasn't the first time I wore LilypadLacquer Diamond in The Rough - I used it before and complimented it with some stamping!

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14 April 2015

Swatches & Review - 3 Tami shades

Hi loves! Today I'll be sharing a new to me indie brand called Tami, hailing from Scotland. Petra from PrettyPolish was sweet enough to send me these, and I'm quite pleased with them! Unfortunately, there are only 3 shades available right now and I can't really find any info other shades will be coming soon.

Tami Gleneagles Glamour

Tami Lady of Lomond

Tami Skibo Sunset

Let's take a closer look!