26 October 2010

Despicable me!

Tonight I went to the movies with my boyfriend. The movie we went to see is Despicable Me! It's a real funny movie about Gru, the "bad" guy. He is not really a bad guy though, but I'm getting on a spoiler alert now.

Steve Carell is Gru and he did a great job. You can hear his own humor woven into the character and you really connect with Gru. It kinda feels like "Evan Almighty" where Steve Carell has a though time with God.

The minions are very cute. They are small, yellow, talk weird, stomp eachother and have names like Carl, Frank and John.

And then there is Agnes.. the little star of the movie! She is so cute with her big puppy eyes. She will warm your heart and make you laugh.


  1. Dat meisje is echt te schattig. :) Animatiefilms zijn leuk. Wij hebben al zo'n 8x Shrek gekeken (Sandro heeft een nieuwe favoriet :P). Hebbie Tirza al gezien?

  2. It's so fluffy I'm gonna die.......

    IT'S SO FLUFFYYYY !!! *En daarbij moet ik nog steeds aan je na-aap momentjes denken bij SQ :') *


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