24 October 2010

New job - new outfit!

This will be the last week at my current job. Monday next week I'll be starting with a new one, and offcourse you need a new outfit for that! For now I only got a picture without me in them - after my first day of work you'll get one including me!

Normally I never shop for a complete outfit. I get a top here, jeans there, a dress the other week.. but now I wanted something that was me but me with a twist. I always tend to wear basic clothes. No prints, simple fabrics and always something like jeans + top/blouse. Now I have a nice skinny jeans, with a longer top and a see-through fabric blouse with a print! To match (and keep me warm) a blazer in a beautiful color. Probably I will wear my patent leather pumps, high heels give me a better posture and a confident feeling.

What do you like to wear on a first day to a new job? And do you like to shop complete outfits?

1 comment :

  1. nice outfitje hoor :)! Moet je vaker doen, dingen met print kopen!


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