23 October 2010

One of my favorite bands

One of my favorite bands all time are The Distillers. I discovered them through my boyfriend and was sold immediately. The sound is described as "streetpunk" by Wikipedia, with an edge of pop. That sounds pretty accurate by me!

The lead singer is Brody Dale, a gorgeous woman who is married to Josh Homme. Yes, the lead singer from Queens of the Stone Age.

image from http://www.musicalblog.it/

The other band members are:
Andy Granelli - Drum, Ryan Sinn - Basgitaar/Zang, Tony Bradley - Gitaar/Zang. Unfortunately I never got to same them play live. That´s because in 2005 they´ve decided to quite, allowing Brody to focus on her relationship and child.

3 albums were released, from which I think the latest, Coral Fang, is the best. On this album she isn´t overscreaming anymore, but sounds more comfortable with her own sound and it works for her, not against her.

In 2007 she started with Spinnerette, her new band, but more on that another time. For now, I´ll let you hear some!

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