30 October 2010


Yesterday was my last day at work. Monday I'm starting a new job in Zwolle, a city pretty far from here.

To "celebrate" my goodbye I had dinner with my colleagues last night, and went for a drink afterwards. We had so much fun! I am really gonna miss my team, I enjoyed working with them!

And apparently they enjoyed working with me too, because I got a present: a giftcard for H&M. As an extra 2 cups of Sheba for Herman and Sjoerd! I got another giftcard that day, handed to me by my former boss. We had an incentive at work, for every sale made because of you, you get 2,5% of the sales price. Also 2,5% goes into the big pile to use for a weekendtrip with all colleagues. Unfortunately, when you quit your job, you don't get the 2,5% anymore. And that's why I got another giftcard! Lucky me, now I can shop for € 140,-!

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