30 November 2010

My lemmings

Today I had the luck of fulfilling one of my lemmings.. OPI Black Magic Mountain! I actually found three bottles of it, together with Plymouth Lox and an unknown purple. I payed 25 Euro for it, including shipping, which brought the price to a smashing 3 Euro 65 so I'm really looking forward to receiving my package!

That brings me to todays topic: lemmings. I know all nailgirls have them, some of you go farther to fulfill them than others, but we all love a good hunt I guess.

A list of some of my other lemmings, not in any particular order:
OPI La Boheme - These go around on eBay for as much as 80 bucks.. I just can't reach deep enough in my pocket!
China Glaze Grape Crush - Spotted it for 30 bucks on eBay, but I just don't want to spend that much on polish.. now!
OPI DS Glamour - Blue holo goodness.. need it in my stash.
OPI Black Tie Optional - Vampy, sexy, pricy.
OPI Man of la Mancha - For layering purposes!
Unicorn pee - You all know which one of those pictures I mean!

What are your alltime lemmings?


  1. I'm new to nail stuff so I've never seen most polishes. Right now my #1 is Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, which is too expensive for me.

    I'd die for the rainbow magic on your list. OMG. Unicorn Pee for everyone!

  2. Ooooh yeah the amazing Happy Birthday! Wouldn't that be a good birthday present? *hint hint - December 25th!*

  3. My lemmings... sigh... the never ending story. But 3 polishes that have been on my lemming list like forever are: ChG grape crush, OPI ds royal, OPI dazzled by gold. But I have a lot more :P

  4. I'd say: every single polish color ever made, does that count? :D
    Other than that:
    Nubar - Moonshadow
    Nfu-oh - 51
    Essie - Starry starry night
    Misa - Embroidered emerald
    Color club - Revvvolution
    Zoya - Ki
    Rescue beauty lounge - No more war
    And all the OPI DS laquers :p


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