28 November 2010

NOTD - Dior Or Tsarine

As I told you earlier this week I bought myself the beautiful Dior Or Tsarine. I wanted to wrap up my nails in it Friday night, but my boyfriend surprised me by taking me to dinner and spent some quality time now I'm away from home every week for four nights. 

So, Saturday morning, before meeting up with some fellow nailaholics, I took out the pretty bottle and was horrified by the sight off the huge bristle! Please Google for reference since I didn't take any pictures of that.

This color is so gorgeous, it's a dark brownish murky base with golden flecks running through it which light up when the sun hit's your nails. I needed 2 coats but next time probably will use three, I noticed some little bald spots in the direct sunlight.

The bristle is huge as I told you but I did find it quite easy to handle. It has a tapered end which makes it simpler to create a nice round edge and you're done quickly because you only need two strokes!

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