06 November 2010


Hi everyone! Long time no bloggin'.. I've been in Zwolle all week because of my new job and did have a laptop, but no wifi in my hotelroom. I enjoyed my first week, but was glad when I arrived home again last night. Too bad the packing starts again tomorrow!

Today I'm showing you ORLY Rage, a beautiful foil rose gold varnish that applied really well. 2 coats needed and especialy with David on top dry at the speed of light!

I also wanted to do another layering experiment, but I didn't turn out that spectacular. First I'm showing you Rage with 2 coats of Color Club Fashion Addict added 2 that.

Then I thought of another purple holo that would suit Rage well.. OPI DS Original! I added 2 coats but again, not that spectucular.

Click for more detail :).

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