11 November 2010

Troubled skin

Today I really need your help.. I'm 22 and still are covered in zits and little bumps all over my face. I do not have outrageous break-outs, but I also never have a clear skin.

At the moment I'm using some products by Garnier, meant for the troubled skin. Unfortunately it worked great when I started using the daycreme, but it doesn't work at all anymore.. And that happens every time I use a new product!

Vichy Normaderm is another product I have already tried in the past, and the same happened. First 2 months, no zits, no bumps, flawless skin.. and then it came back again. I do not want to keep changing my products again and again, I just want something that works all the time!

My skin is oily on my forehead and chin, and quickly dry and patchy on my cheeks and around my mouth.

Do you have ANY tips for me regarding products and make-up?


  1. This really sucks!! Hope someone has a solution for you!

    I´m sorry, no tips, never had lots of trouble with zits, just a few around that time of the month.
    My sister used the Diane pill and that helped her a lot, maybe that´s an idea?

  2. I'm reacting very heavy on anything stronger than Microgynon 20 :(.

  3. That sounds bad :( I have exactly the same problem; I hate changing my face care routine every 2 months :S

    The last couple of months I tried to avoid agressive products like Normaderm. I use a daycream for sensitive skin (Kruidvat eigen merk) for a couple of weeks now and that seems to work. It's not too expensive to try, maybe it'll work.
    On the Internet you can find (long) lists of ingredients in face products and makeup that can cause break outs etc. You could check the products you are using for those..

    I now how you feel, don't we all want a flawless skin...

  4. Goed kijken wat voor ingrediënten zitten in die zalfjes etc! Heel veel ingrediënten sluiten je huid juist heel erg af, waardoor je nog meer puistjes krijgt. Of er zit zwavel in, wat ook het averechtse effect heeft. Bij de apotheek hebben ze volgens mij wel veel goede producten!

    Ennn wat bij mij wel heel goed helpt qua make-up is de foundation van de Hema in de zwarte met gouden doosjes! Daar zit ook iets wat helpt tegen puistjes en dat is de enige foundation waardoor ik ook niet meer puistjes krijg! :)
    En goed schoonmaken etc, maar dat zul je vast wel doen! Met de jaren verandert je huid, dus waarschijnlijk heb je er over een paar jaar minder last van. En dan komen de rimpels hahaha.

  5. Hi! I don't know if you check your old blog posts but I just wanted to say that I've had the same problem. I tried oral antibiotics and retinoids and even Accutane but I still get lots of little bumps.

    What has really worked for me recently is rotating my skin care products. I know it sounds really annoying, but basically my skin care routine stays that same, I just switch my face wash/moisturizer/toner/spot treatment once a week. I have about three of each so basically I just never give my skin time to get used to any one product.

    I also recently got a Clarisonic which seems to be helping tremendously.

    If your acne gets worst around your period you also might consider going on oral contraceptive pills to help keep your hormones at an even level.

    Good luck!


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