23 December 2010

Birthday outfit and review update

Because I don't have any camera options this week I'll be showing you a picture of the dress I'm planning to wear Saturday - my birthday!

It isn't the best picture. The cabinet my camera rests on provides a little to low angle. But you get the idea, right?

Also, I've been using the Catrice Lash Plus products for 1 week now. I don't notice any difference, but they do recommend using it for 30 days - maybe it will bring the wanted effect by the end of the testing period.

The mascara that's part of the treatment isn't my favorite, it's a bit.. flimsy? No massive build-up or lash lengthing qualities. I apply one thin layer and top it off with my very much loved Chanel Inimitable Intense (now I'm stuck on buying $$$ mascara..).

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  1. Mooi jurkje! Ik ben benieuwd naar het complete plaatje zaterdag! :D


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