05 December 2010

Giveaway time!

Yay! I just noticed I've reached 30 followers and that means giveaway time! I'm really glad there are people that enjoy looking at my pictures and reading my little stories. When I first started I was wondering if I would keep going on, but then you see the number of followers grow and it just gives me such a happy feeling!

The giveaway is open for everyone to enter until december 25th 23:59 (my birthday!). How do you get your entries? Read on:
- Being a new follower = one entry
- Blog about my giveaway = one entry
- Tweet about my giveaway = one entry

Leave a comment with your entries, if you are one of the 30 existing followers I'll notice and add an extra entry! Please include your e-mailadress and the name you're using as a follower. Double comments will be disqualified, if you made a mistake with your comment please say so in your second comment. http://www.random.org/ will be used for selecting the winners.

Let's move on to the most important part, the prizes! There are 2 prizes, the name that comes up first when I close the giveaway will win number one, the second name will win prize number two! I'll be adding some little extra's the coming month.


Gosh Holographic and Purple Heart. I know, Holographic is labeled as silver. I opened it very carefully and tried an itty bitty on my nail to make absolutely sure it is Holographic, and it is!


Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans.
So, spread the word, enter my giveaway and hopefully win something!
I have some prizes to add! First prize now also contains one bottle of OPI Black Magic Mountain, second prize will contain a franken I'll be showing you later this week :).


  1. Gefeliciteerd met je 30 volgers!
    Ik was al een van je volgers voor deze giveaway, (volg je met de naam: Sylvia).
    Ik heb je giveaway op mn blog gezet: http://nailartcreations.blogspot.com/2010/12/giveaways-from.html

    Email is: sylviadevries222[@]gmail.com

  2. I'm a current follower as Kendal on GFC.
    My email address is heartkendal@gmail.com.
    I put this giveaway on my Giveaway Page.
    And here is my tweet!

  3. i follow via GFC as Lovely Addison
    and my email is admil3@morgan.edu

    congrats on the followers. i'm still trying to get there. :)

  4. Niiiice ! I'm a true follower ;) GFC: PriemGirl
    No blog; no tweet (cauze I don't have either :') )

    My mailaddress: maaike _ priem at hotmail dot com

    Hope the followers will keep on growing!

  5. peripatetic33
    existing follower
    enter me please and thank you
    Happy upcoming Birthday

  6. Hello! :) I've followed for a while using GFC under the name Erin. My email address is erinface8D@gmail.com.

    If I can pull together extra entries, I'll make it really clear in another post. :) Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway! And happy early birthday!

  7. Congrats on 30 babe!

    Old follower here, twitter and blogless alas,
    GFC name: Loqi

  8. Wiehoe! Dertig!
    Ik doe ook lekker mee O+

  9. I am a new follower! Carli, booteddybelle@hotmail.com
    I put this on my giveaways page at konadlicious.blogspot.com

    Thanks DEborah!

  10. new follower :)

    blogger name kaderkismet and e mail is sedarkan@gmail.com

    they look delicious!

  11. New follower
    E-mail: nellie_em@hotmail.com

  12. - I am a new follower via GFC as Anna. = one entry

    - I tweeted about your giveaway:
    = one entry

    2 ENTRIES!

    mymindsvoice at hotmail dot com

  13. I would love to enter, I follow you via GFC as Ivana (ivana dot ristic88 at gmail dot com).

    Thank you for this great opportunity, good luck! :)


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