20 December 2010

Random stuff

Sometime ago I told you about a franken I made and wanted to include in my giveaway. I wanted to show you the franken on a nailwheel, but unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera and now I only have these shitty pictures on my cel.. They are so crappy you can better be surprised which one I include in my giveaway rather then showing you these pictures. Can't get any pictures of my current manicure too, Gosh Purple Heart. Bummer.

On another note, I'm down to the last 2 weeks away from home. Some of you may know that for my job I'm staying in Zwolle, a city about 1,5 hour away from where I live. I am pretty done with it, just wanna be at home and don't have to go crazy on the laundry in the weekend to pack my bag again on Sunday night. Luckily my boyfriend has a week off next week and will be visiting me!

And then there is my birthday coming up. It's hectic this year, with all the groceries and stuff, and I'll probably won't have time to polish my nails for my birthday. Oh wait, my mother-in-law has borrowed my bottle of OPI Tease-Y Does It! so if she's brings it Friday night.. I think it's adorable she loves polish too, I once gave her a bottle of Ruby Pumps and she loves almost everything I show here. Including OPI Who The Shrek Are You!

Enough of my ramblings. I really want all of you to join my giveaway, if you didn't enter get your ass over here!

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