26 December 2010

Secret Santa and OPI Merry Midnight

When I got home Fridaynight with my boyfriend, agter we had spent Christmas eve over at his fathers house, there was a package for me. I had no idea what to expect (since my Nfu Oh's are at the post pffice..) so I ripped the envelop right open. What I found inside? Something I have wanted for a long time...

The note she left is in Dutch but translated it's something like this:
I give her to you, because you love her so much.
And I hope you'll give her lots of love.
And Abraham wants you to buy her a little sister this summer.
But, do you know me well enough to get the hint?
With love, Abraham and Secret Santa.

I knew right away this lovely gift came from my friend Margot, who was one of the girls that entered a Secret Santa I hosted and didn't participate in (because well, then I would have know my own Secret Santa!)
The polish is OPI Merry Midnight, a beauty you all know already.

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  1. Damn die is gaaf ! *puts on wishlist* :D HF with it ;)


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