11 December 2010


I'm really enjoying my weekend. Last night I got home at 6.30 from Zwolle, and while I unpacked my boyfriend made me some dinner. After that, we went shopping for a christmas tree. We bought a little one that stands on a cupboard, and it looks so pretty! I really do love Christmas.

Today we first went and got a lot of groceries for Christmas. It's early, I know, but next weekend I'll be busy shopping with my best friend all saturday. We are visiting Primark in Belgium! So looking forward to it. Since Christmas is on saturday and sunday this year it is really sucky concerning groceries, on Fridaynight you can't go because everything is closed, I don't have any time off and will be in Zwolle all week so we have to be in time to get everything.

After the groceries, we went to the city. We started at Usine with some lunch (actually, I had 2 pieces of pie, the boyfriend had an actual lunch) and then walked to the Kruidvat (a drugstore). We stopped at Sacha too, a shoestore, and I bought the most beautiful boots ever! They only cost me 30 euro's, they were 150! Great deal, huh?

I also got 2 packages from the post office.. I told you about scoring OPI Black Magic Mountain, right? Well, that package finally arrived, and the unknown purple she was talking about? Glacier Bay Blues! I am soooo happy since it was also one of my lemmings!

The other package contained the Philips wake up light, which I can test for free for the company Insiders. They have campagnes in which you can test stuff and then review it, for free!

And to top it all off, I am wearing a very pretty polish combination: H&M Midnight Passion with CND Crimson Sparkle on top.

Tomorrow I'll be having a lazy sunday, doing some laundry and maybe some frankening!


  1. Whaa die boots zijn gaaf ! Nice :D

  2. Mooie laarzen meissie! En mooie nagellak!

    Ik heb ook zin in volgende week, heel veel!

  3. Dank je wel meiden, ik ben er echt heel blij, vooral omdat ik nooit schoenen in de sale vind!


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