17 January 2011

2nd try with BB Couture Posse

Yesterday you read about my first (and not so positive) encounter with BB Couture. I changed to Posse yesterday afternoon and I am very pleased with this color! The brush was also a lot better than from the lady bottle.. less flexible and a shorter stem. Next time I'm buying some "biebies" I won't be choosing ladies again!


  1. That is a beautiful color. Very nice. Good thing this one is better than the other one you tried. It's weird how the within one brand can be so different.

  2. i actually prefer the ladies brush but i like the men's bottles. the men's brush tends to be too stubby IMO. i love this color! it was the first one i put on when i got this collection!

  3. Steffie, it is indeed weird how much some polishes can differ from eachother..

    Kelliegonzo, you are just way better at applying polish so you can handle a wobbly brush ;). I really like this type of color lately, all those murky, dusty, darkish shades <3.


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