26 January 2011

The Bloglight - One Teaspoon Of Love

A new blogitem: The Bloglight. From now on, every week (at least I'll try) a blog will be shared here, that I love. Not because it needs followers, or because I am asked to do so, just because maybe there are gems you haven't found or forgot about!

This weeks Bloglight features: One Teaspoon Of Love! This blog belongs to my best friend and is written in Dutch. The subjects are various, such as her upcoming wedding, her lovely children, fashion, tattoos, Dutch literature, and her Dutch study. She even does a NOTD every now and then ;) (influence, me? Nooooo). Her posts are always fun to read and written in a way that makes me a bit jealous!


  1. Speaking of a bloglight, I tagged you with the Beautiful Blogger award:


  2. new follower - Just wondering if I am able to purchase from your blogsale? you didnt have prices on anything or an e-mail if I am able to can i get a quote on Catrice Plum Play with me, Catrice sold out forever, essence chocolate shake, h&m blue my mind, Orly lunar eclipse and the "Pieces" Purse? my email is alicia[dot]wiebe[at]gmail[dot]com if you could just let me know the price of everything?

  3. Aww, dankjewel moppie. Jij bent de liefste <3!

  4. @KarenD - thanks! That's really sweet of you :)
    @liquoredonlacquer - I'll send you an e-mail!
    @Daphne - jeweettog <3!


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