08 January 2011

Catrice Bloody Mary to Go and Nfu Oh 46

Somewhere last week I received a package with 4 Nfu Oh's - 46, 52, 56 and 63 were added to my stash. All the flakie ones are quite sheer, you have seen 54 on top of RBL Catherine H. and it just added flakes, the base color wasn't changed at all.

46 has a colored base though. A fierce, bright, in your face red base! Because I wanted to hold on to the extreme brightness and jelly-ish feel I used two coats of Catrice Bloody Mary to Go as the base for two coats of Nfu Oh 46. The result? Such a bright color I even doubted to wear it to work (for a second. Then I didn't care about it anymore).

Are you curious yet? Then take a look at my pictures! They are click-able for way more detail!



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