23 January 2011

Essence Hypnotic Poison

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was kinda rough.. had a party Friday night in Utrecht so I had to travel by train. I originally planned to sleep over but in the end took the first train home at 6.40. Got home by 8.30 and by that time didn't sleep in over 24 hours. Saturday night I had a workparty but unfortunately my dinner decided to come back and haunt me, so The Man and I had to leave early.

Now lets move on to the polish. This time I'm showing you a color from the Essence Colour & Go line, Hypnotic Poison. I really like the brush of this polish line, kinda like the ones from OPI. Also the pigmentation and quality of this polish is great, 2 easy brushed on coats that dry quickly. The polish has a nice shimmer and shine, too!


  1. Halp, ik kan je tekst niet lezen!!!
    Mooie essence though, staat je goed!

  2. De comment hier wel? Wazig, heb je echt alleen maar de foto's staan? En thanks voor het compliment :).

    If anyone else notices pics but no text.. please let me know!

  3. Meh, hij laadt de helft , dus halverwege zie ik dat zwart met kant.
    Ik zie boven alleen wit en rose tekst. Maardat kan ik dus niet lezen :')

    Ik lees dit vanaf mn iPad dus misschien moet ik die blamen....

  4. Ik zie je site en foto's gewoon! :)

  5. Very rich looking! We get some Colour & Go over here, but I don't think this one made it yet.

  6. This one one is really beautiful specially because of this little shimmer 

  7. Yes, the shimmer is divine!


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