16 January 2011

My first BB Couture polishes

A little while ago my friend Stormqueen and I ordered some BB Couture polishes. Friday night I could pick them up over at here place. The ones I got are: Posse, Ashes and Pistol Packin' Mama. When I saw the bottles I was kinda disappointed already by Pistol Packin' Mama.. where was that gorgeous shimmer I've seen in pictures?

Excuse the tipwear, I slammed it on yesterday and didn't TC it - later that night I went to the movies and had to dig around my purse a lot.

If you enlarge the bottom picture, you see that shimmer in the bottle (although it was less then I expected). It just doesn't come to life on the nail. Now more about the polish quality. I don't like the lady bottles. The cylindric shape, the long stem of the brush which encourages wobbly application.. and in direct sunlight you can see it's a bit of a patchy application too.

Today I slapped on Posse, which is part of the mens Wild West collection, and I liked that bottle and brush a lot better! Pictures of that one later this week.

So, what are your experiences with BB Couture?


  1. My experience with BB Couture: Drooling, then I look at the price and die a little inside.

  2. My experience with BB Couture: none. lol
    I really want to try some of their greens! I'm not so much into browns, I think this one is a little 'blah'. I'm curious about the other two!

  3. I haven't tried BB Couture polishes yet, they are quite expensive, but I will have to buy at leas one eventually =).
    This one looks pretty, too dad you didn't like it =)

  4. i love bb's :) they're in my top 5 brands! they are a little expensive, but i will pay it for their amazing colors!


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