18 February 2011

Comparison of teals - CND, H&M and Essence

Another comparison post! This time 3 teal colors, CND Urban Oasis, H&M Moody Model and Essence Trendsetter. The first and last are dupes in color. They are both more greenbased compared to the H&M, which leans more on the blue side. I prefer the CND quality over the Essence, if you apply carefully you can get away with one coat of CND! Still, the Essence is a great budgetbuy with perfect coverage in 2 coats. H&M needs 3 coats.

Left to right: Essence (2 coats) H&M (3 coats) CND (2 coats)

Left to right: CND (2 coats) H&M (3 coats) Essence (2 coats)

Top to bottom: Essence (2 coats) H&M (3 coats) CND (2 coats)

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