13 February 2011

Day Zero project

Who of you is familiar with Day Zero? I started building a list there a long time ago and still don't have the 101 needed in sight.. but I do like to hear if you have any ideas for me! Goals as listed now:
1. Visit a classic ballet
2. Visit America
3. Watch all the IMDB top 250 movies
4. Don't buy any clothes for a month (3 times)
5. Don't buy any nailpolish for a month (3 times)
6. Buy a house
7. Start a study
8. Learn a language
9. Cook 3 times in 1 month - full recipes!
10. Buy a Holga camera
11. Buy a proper DS:R camera
12. Create a photoalbum with my best pictures from photoshoots
13. Visit the Sneak Preview (3 times)
14. Get my tattoo fixed
15. Get my backtattoo changed and expanded
16. Send 10 Postcards via Postcrossing
17. Start as a volunteer


  1. I hadn't heard about that--interesting idea.

  2. Interesting right? It forces you a bit to think about what is important. What kind of goals would you be putting on a list like this?

  3. 9. Cook 3 times in 1 month - full recipes!

    Hahaha 3x in 1 maand?!?! :P Dat moet makkelijk te doen zijn!

  4. Je weet hoe graag (en goed) ik kook, toch ;)?


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