19 February 2011

Zoya Gemma + P2 Silver Crackle

Zoya Gemma.. what an interesting color with awesome shimmer! Application was a breeze, 2 easy gliding on coats and quick drying time. After a day of wear I added the P2 Silver Crackle. It's the first time I've put it to use and I like the effect but feel like black would be put to use more often. Also, the silver becomes more of a grey when TC-ed.

I really dislike how my middlefinger nail is crooked to the left in this picture (and always in reallife obviously)


  1. I love that blue shimmer! I hope it will be at least as visible in regular light as it is in your pictures. Maybe I'll use it tomorrow.

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm your breakfast looks so deliciousssss. :) I've never seen something like this. :)
    I love silver crackle! <3

  3. It is! The lightning I use for my pictures is pretty similar to daylight I think :).

  4. That breakfast really is delicious ;) very sweet and jummy!


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