08 March 2011

Day Zero project update

A while ago I told you about the Day Zero project. Even though I still haven't come up with 101 goals yet, I did decide to start the list. Because we bought a house (which isn't crossed of the list until I have the key in hand) I decided to start with 2 other goals on my list: Don't buy any clothes for a month (3 times) & Don't buy any nailpolish for a month (3 times). I must say it hasn't been that hard on me yet, but I have been avoiding the shops too! Unfortunately I'll probably miss out on some LE Essence and Catrice, but on the other hand... there are still some untrieds left so I shouldn't be too sad about it.

Another goal I started is Collect all Achievements in 2 Lego XboX360 games. The first of 2 I'm playing is Lego Indiana Jones. I have 2 achievements left and then have to choose one of my other Lego games. That'll probably be Lego Harry Potter because I also have to finish it on 100% and have reached 99,8%.

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