30 March 2011

Finished my first Day Zero project goal!

Because I went to see an opera on March 26th I can cross that of my list now :). € 5,- already went aside.

A friend of mine couldn't visit the opera as she had planned and I was able to buy her tickets and visit the opera with my boyfriend's mom. The opera is called Nabucco and I enjoyed it so much! The theatrical feeling was magical and I really enjoyed myself :). My boyfriend's mom was happy about it because now we can visit more opera's together!

I also was able to wear the pretty dress I got for my 18th birthday 5 years ago, it's pretty but very "dressed up" so I don't wear it that often. Now I did, and I felt super sexy! Haha, obviously I was very proud I could still fit in that dress :).

Have you ever been to an opera?

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