06 March 2011

A house? THE house!

You probably are wondering what the hell this blogpost title means. House the TV serie? No! A new nailpolishbrand? No! It means my boyfriend and I bought the house of our dreams!

Unfortunately I'll keep this post just text, because we haven't made pictures ourselves yet, but you could take a look here. Last Friday we signed the contract and now we have to make sure we get the financial stuff in order. Luckily, based on previous contacts, that won't be a problem.

Things I love the most about this house is the "glas-in-lood", the colored glass above the window in the front of the house, and the doors to the garden.

The fun part obviously is thinking what we want to do with the interior. We are already living together so we don't need (much) new furniture, but we do need to think about wall colors and such. Luckily the floor looks good and will be left behind, that's a whole lot of money to spent on other things!

For the livingroom we will keep it white mainly, but maybe want one or two walls covered in wallpaper with a print. The master bedroom will be white mainly too, except the wall behind the bed, I want a matte steel blue there.

What do you think? And what are your favorite interior colors?


  1. Things I love the most about your house is dat het maar 5 minuutjes van ons vandaan is LALALALA!

    En ik ben benieuwd naar wat jullie er van gaan maken, maar ik weet zeker dat het heel mooi gaat worden. Ik hou zelfs de laatste tijd van mooie pastelkleurtjes op de muren, lekker Amerikaans, maar ook heerlijk fris :).

    Ik bel je vanavond even, is er dit weekend een beetje bij ingeschoten OEPSIE! ;) <3

  2. Wat een heerlijk huis, gefeliciteerd! Veel succes met de verhuizing enzo :) Ik heb 't meeste ook erg licht hier, met enkele muren in een andere kleur, lichtgeel in de keuken, lichtpaars op wat andere plaatsen. Meer kleur komt van de meubels, gordijnen, e.d. :)


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