25 March 2011

How it all began...

Scrolling through my pictures I stumbled upon some of the first mani pictures I took. I thought it would be fun to share.

I've always been a terrible biter. Nail, skin, I didn't care. I just tore everything to pieces. When I first started to polish that quickly stopped so my cuticles weren't that horrific. The quality of my nails was weak, though. They broke and ripped all the time. So I got acrylics. I'd let them grow and then get refills after 4 weeks. It was terrible to get off polish with those things since you can't use acetone, and typing and buttoning shirts was hard too. So I decided to remove the acrylics. Then I was left with even worse nails then when I started. I pampered them and pampered them and even started to get them into shape myself! When I look at my nails now I'm quite happy with them, even though my thumbs still want to rip and my cuticles sometimes decide to dry out and look like they've died 5 years ago. But don't we all have to deal with that? Winter just isn't fun for your nails and hands so I'm glad the sun is shining again and the temperature is going up.

This is how I started out
Sheer polish AAAARGH ;)
The falsies
This is how I met China Glaze Spin me Round!
After the war of removing those falsies
Luckily it did become better...
And better...
And better!


  1. Well, that was really a odyssey! Nice to read your history ;P

  2. Great to see your nail history! I like your natural look much better than the falsies. :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed it :)!

  4. It is kinda fun right? And thank you, I am much more pleased with the naturals now then I ever was with the falsies.. even though I tried to convince myself otherwise.

  5. dolce nailz / vintage06 September, 2011 21:16

    you have gorgeus nails, long nail beds! i'm an ex biter also and i'm sober for 8 months now :)
    i love this piece you've written,its so funny and recognizable


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