19 March 2011

Naked with some sparkle!

Models Own Nude Beige is for me the perfect Band-aid But Better color. It's not too close to my skintone but definitely blends it nice enough to match with anything you'll wear. Coverage is great in 2 easy coats. It also makes an awesome combo with Models Own Pink Fizz. Curious how I combined those? Check this out!

What's your favorite nude color?


  1. This is beautiful! I love how you add glitter just on one nail. <3 I think I might start searching for a perfect nude for me. :)

  2. Thanks Ivana! Because a nude is kinda meant to be calm I didn't want to spoil it with glitter all over the place ;).

  3. I also love applying some glitters just on the tip of my nails  ;)


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