21 March 2011

NYC Smokey Blues palette

New York Color is new brand for us Dutchies. It recently made it's way to the Kruidvat en obviously I had to take a peak at it. So, yesterday I went to the city and picked up some stuff. 2 lipstains and 1 palette. I'll show you the palette today!

It's called Smokey Blues and designed for blue eyes. It holds earthy tones that contain shimmer or sparkle. There are 4 shades, 1 for the lid, 2 for creasing/contouring, 1 highlighter, and there is also a primer and illuminator included. I tested the 4 shades over the included primer, but I'll probably use my Too Faced when using them for real :).

Onto the swatches shall we?

Hmm, not every color has the same amount of pigmentation. I am wondering if the quality of primer can make a difference and if I can create a good look with it I'll definitely show you again!

I like the illuminator, I tend to look tired because the skin beneath my eyes is very very thin and always looks a bit puffy so a bit in the corner of my eye makes me look way more alert.

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