03 March 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Is anyone of you familiar with this TV serie? My boyfriend actually downloaded it for me, and I watched four episodes this weekend. I really enjoyed it since it's a girly teenage TV serie, I'm a sucker for those kind.

Got the image by using Google

The serie is about four girls (duh) named Spencer Hastings (left on the picture), Hanna Marin (blondie), Maya St. Germain (right on the picture), Aria Montgomery (frontwoman). Before the "startdate" of the serie they had a fifth friend: Alison. One night Alison disappeared, the girls grew apart and Aria moved to Europe with her family because her dad was cheating.

When Aria returns, something strange happens.. she gets texts from -A. It seems as if Alison is still around since she knows everyones secrets. The four remaining girls have to find out what's happening and who tries to hurt them so much!


  1. I'm on the 4th book (not watching the series), but don't think Emily (not Maya) is supposed to be the 4th girl in the group.

  2. I like the show. Don't know how ling it will last. Since I stopped watching Gossip Girl a season ago because the story line was just becoming too crappy. For now I like Pretty Little Liars.

  3. Lol, I meant I think it's Emily, not Maya

  4. I must say GG isn't as good as it was (and the bookstoryline was way better) but I just can not stop watching it. Once I start watching something I barely can stop again.

  5. You are totally right! Stupid me...


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