27 March 2011

Shut it!

Remember I told you about the house my boyfriend and I bought. Obviously we are looking around for things in the house, such as paint, wallpaper, some new furniture, but also things to cover the windows.

I always wanted lace looking curtains in my house but never had a place they would fit properly. Now we have those big doors to the garden and I thought this would the perfect place to hang those. But then, I still needed to convince my boyfriend! Luckily, I succeeded, so these pretties will be brought into our new home:

The frontside of the house has this gorgeous windows with "glas-in-lood" and while we were walking through the DIY shop we noticed something called shutters.
Not our window, but it looks a bit alike
I already knew these excisted but never thought about it because we didn't have a home yet that was worth these lovely things. I absoluterly love them and luckily my boyfriend does too so we will figure out the price of shutters and hopefully we can pot those on the frontside of the house!

Does anyone of you have shutters?

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  1. Jullie huisje wordt echt prachtig <3


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