13 April 2011

The Bloglight - Kim-Anh Nguyen Art

A new part of The Bloglight, but not featuring a nailpolish blog this week.. No, it's blog featuring designs mainly used for tattoos! The blog is called Kim-Anh Nguyen Art and she does some lovely designs.

The stuff I enjoy most are the rosed and owls and I am really considering getting something designed by her. I love tattoos and have enough plans to fill up some places ;)! Do you have any tattoos? And what style do you prefer?


  1. Aaah thx voor de tip :D. Gave tekeningen!

    En jaaa mijn tattoos ken je. En ik heb er nog 100 in de planning ;). Zaterdag ga ik weer naar de shop. Even vragen wat die roosjes kosten haha!

  2. Gaaf hè? Ik ben er helemaal weg van.

    Ooh spannend zaterdag, laat je me weten wanneer je een afspraak hebt ;)?


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