16 April 2011

Duochrome hawtie

Essence is doing quite well with their polishes. First they had flakies, now they have duochrome! Bring me a true holographic one and I'm happy!

This polish is 2 easy coats, dries quickly, and also looks hawt matte (no pics sorry!). Wear was a bit less though. One day normal, one day matte and it was done.


  1. You're guilting of making me add more polishes to my wishlist. Well, this one was already on it, but I've added some the ones you've shared with us lately.

  2. guilting, lol 'guilty'

  3. Haha, it's my pleasure ;). This one definitely should be present in every stash!

  4. Wow this colour looks a lot less dark and more gold on your nails than on mine! I actually like this better... However, I wore this mani for 8 days and it began to chip at the sides of my nail at day 8 (yes really, I was shocked too :|) I had my nails filed round back then, do you think this makes a difference for the wear, since yours are more squoval? :o

  5. 8 days, wow!

    I can't really tell the difference between those nailshapes, since I only wear a color for max 2 days haha. But squoval is better for the strength of your nails in general :).


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