02 April 2011

Herome W.I.C. Brussels with some sponging

Today I am showing one of the Herome W.I.C. (World Inspired Colors) lacquers. This one is named Brussels, the city in Belgium. All polishes are named after a city. Brussels is a greige color with some subtle silver shimmer. I like the color, I just think these polishes are a bit overpriced (€ 7,50) for the amount (7 ml) and quality (most polishes are a bit thick and gloopy). Brussels is polishable in 2 thickish coats. Drying time isn't bad but I don't know it exactly since I always slap on some David.


  1. The color is wonderful :) I love neutral polishes!

  2. Hey Elsa, well this one pretty neutral! Especially because of that shimmer :).


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