22 April 2011

A waste of my money..

Yes, I bought a polish I am not particularly happy with. And the bad thing it cost me a few bucks too. The polish I am talking about is Dior Blue Label. In the store, under bright lighting, I loved the color. Because I was already buying something else I would pay 50% less for this polish (12 euro or something). Then I put it on at home, and I was dissappointed. It's a very dark blue color. The wear isn't that great. It's just a plain blue. And combined with my topcoat it didn't even look that pretty!


  1. Pity. Your don't seem very pleased with your last two purchases. It reminds me of Essence's Underwater which I have yet to use.
    When you only spend a couple of euros, the disappointment is not that great, but if you spend a small fortune...

  2. Luckily Zoya Posh wasn't purchased, I borrowed it from a friend of mine :).


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