02 May 2011

Day Zero project update

Another Day Zero project update, another goal acomplished!

I wore red lipstick for one night out! Okay, the goal says a day, but I'm terrible at maintaning my look so that would have been bad, plus I don't feel comfortable wearing such a bright color in daylight!

I went out with my bestie for a night of fun, and she already asked if I would wear red lipstick. So I said yes, and pulled some Max Factor Superstay. Then the application began, which took me quite some time (make a mistake and your screwed). I must say I looked nice that night: jeans, slightly see-through leopardprint blouse and hot red lips!


  1. Lekker ding! Rode lippenstift staat je kei goed, zou je vaker moeten dragen. Ook overdag!

  2. Thanks scheetje!


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