14 May 2011

Review - Zalando

Hi! Today I'm writing my first review. A few weeks ago I contacted Zalando and asked about the possibilities of writing a review for them. I also included a tip about mentioning the specific product names along with the nailpolishes.

Unfortunately, they couldn't offer me a review back then. A few days after that, I received another e-mail: my tip was the final straw for productmanagement, and they wanted to reward me with a polish of my choice! I chose Butter London Big Smoke, the polish review can be found here tomorrow!

Obviously I was very pleased with this, and I must say I am impressed with the quick response. I think it's great a company comes back with more information even if you didn't ask for it. I even got an e-mail this week asking if my parcel had been delivered properly!

Now, the downside.. I think it's a shame one small bottle of polish is packed in this big box. Thinking about the environment this could be done better. I also think it's better to wrap up the bottle in bubble plastic, instead of layering air pillows on top.

Zalando is doing a great job, with some minor changes I think it could be exceptional!


  1. Wat een mooie roze blog heb je gemaakt! <3

    Nice dat je een nagellakje mocht uitkiezen van Zalando zeg! Goede service daar.

  2. Thanks, leuk is het geworden hè?

    Ja, ikw as ook zeer blij verrast, erg goede klantenservice.


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