05 June 2011

2 new H&M polishes - Nerd and Looks Great On You!

H&M often provides us with new colors in their nailpolish collection. Everytime I am in the city (and that's mostly once a week) I'll check the store and see if they have new goodies, and this weekend I was rewarded! I spotted 4 new colors: the two I am showing you now, a green/yellowish one called I'm Not a Kiwi and a pink one I don't remember the name of.

Now, the ones I am showing you are Looks Great On You! (a gingerbread/rusty color) and Nerd (a nude). I think LGOY might be a dupe for OPI And Apple Pie or OPI Ginger Bells (or a mix between those 2) and Nerd is just a clean nude! Both went on in 2 thickish easy flowing coats. I am even showing just one coat of LGOY on my indexfinger!

Then I remembered the awesome splatter technique as shown by Jen from The PolishAholic! So, I grabbed a straw and some tape, and splattered away on my ringfinger using Nerd over LGOY. I think I liked it and will probably do a full manicure once with this combination.

So, what do you think of these new colors? And do you have any other experiences with H&M polishes?


  1. I don't like LGOY, but maby because the colour doesn't come over on the picture.

    But the splattered nail, I love it! I saw it the other on the internet, I wil try it one day too!

  2. These don't look too appealing to me, although Nerd looks like a very decent nude, but I can't wait to see I'm not a Kiwi! The name itself sounds so adorable. :)

  3. I like the idea of a splatter manicure! It looks like fun :)
    I own four H&M polishes, and I think they're pretty good, the only problem is with "no mambo jambo", a nice green polish, because when you take it off your nails are completely green! And it's so difficult to clean them :(

  4. Well, I am pretty sure not much people will like it.

    It is fun to splatter :) just make sure you use enough tape and have cleanup material.

  5. Haha I figured I wouldn't get awesome reactions to those polishes ;) but Nerd is decent nude, 2 coats is pretty good for these kind of colors.

    I'm not a Kiwi unfortunately isn't part of my stash :(.

  6. It is fun :).
    Mambo Jambo is the one I disliked so much I swapped it, that kind of shimmer always reminds me of giftwrap ribbon and it looks hideous on me. Don't know why.

  7. I don't have any experience with H&M polishes nail polishes. But I will surely purchase them as I will go to my favorite cosmetic shop.

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