22 June 2011

The Bloglight - Glitta Gloves

Hellooooo everyone! How are you doing this week? I am sure doing better than yesterday, I have a throat infection and luckily the antibiotics are working already. My throat was so sore yesterday!

For this weeks The Bloglight I am showing you a blog I absolutely adore. The girl that hosts it is SUCH a sweetie and I am even in a swap with her at the moment.. I hope you get it soon sweet sweet Kirsten from Glitta Gloves!

The thing I adore most about her blog is the fact she always tells these stories. I usually schedule posts for a whole week so there isn't much personal stuff going on but with her it is and I love reading it! Also, she really takes care of the quality of her pictures and well.. she loves the feeling of glitter. Who couldn't love a girl that's weird like that?


  1. Kirsten Glitta Gloves06 September, 2011 21:14

    HOW have I not commented on this before... girl you're too sweet <33333333 I'm sending out your swap stuff tomorrow! I'm wrapping everything up right now! :D

  2. Thanks so much Elizabeth! Just like you she deserves the love!

  3. I love herrrrrrrr my lovely polish twin! <3 so happy you featured her! Your bloglight is so awesome!


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