06 June 2011

Catrice MAN, GO Tango with some sponging

Orange. I never wear orange, unless there is something like Queensday. But, my BFF needed a cover for her magazine (school project) and she had this "Ik Hou van Holland" theme, and I was her covermodel, so I painted my nails orange. Because I don't like plain orange I grabbed my China Glaze White Cap. When applied as a layer it would have been to white-ish, so I sponged it. And then I was in love. I even kept it on one more day!

The orange didn't apply easily though. It was kinda streaky and goopy and patchy. The hot weather that day might have had something to do with it.

Brand - Catrice (MAN, GO Tango) / China Glaze (White Cap)
Price - € 2,49 (Catrice) / € 5,50 (China Glaze)
Coats - 3 (Catrice) / 1 (Sponged, China Glaze)
Quality - ♥♥♥/5 (Catrice MAN, GO Tango) / ♥♥♥♥♥/5 (China Glaze White Cap)
Availability - Kruidvat in Holland (Catrice), www.nailpolishfashion.nl (China Glaze)


  1. Great idea to sponge it!  I still need to try that technique.

  2. Prachtige nageltjes van een prachtig meisje dat ook nog eens mijn prachtige vriendinnetje is! En nu kan ik deze prachtige foto's toch nog even stiekem in mijn prachtige magazine gebruiken. Ik zal deze week de beste foto's naar je toesturen! Zitten een aantal hele leuke tussen hihi.

    Dankjewel <3.

  3. I have to try sponging one day as well.

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  5. It really works great with this polish! Not much needed for awesome results :).

  6. Prachtige meisjes verdienen prachtige vriendinnetjes <3! Thanks mop en ik ben benieuwd!


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