09 June 2011

Essence Blue Ray

Essence Blue Ray is one of the polishes featured in the Meet_Me@Holographics.com LE collection. The name sucks big time, since it isn't holographic, the @ and .com are lame and it just isn't a fun collection name.

The polish, on the other hand, is worth getting it. You are looking at 2 quick drying easy applied coats of duochrome pretty. Or should I say multichrome? It does flash purple, teal and turquoise. I also got a back-up for this one and the other 2 polishes available here (did any Dutchie spot Lil@c or Holoberry?) for the upcoming giveaway!

Brand - Essence
Price - € 1,79
Coats - 2
Quality - ❥❥❥❥/5
Availability - Kruidvat in Holland, other places unknown. This is a limited edition and therefore will not be available for long.


  1. I guess Meet_Me@Duochromes.com didn't have the same ring to it. :)

  2. Wow, your pictures are making me congratulate myself on randomly picking two bottles of this one (one for swapping purposes, one for myself). It looks awesome on your nails, I must try it soon.

  3. Wants!  Great pictures of a great polish on great nails. ♥

  4. This is the only one of the collection I want to buy...:) it looks really nice!

  5. Thanks! It really is a nice polish and you'll sure make someone happy in a swap!

  6. I'll be giving it away soon! And thanks sugar <3.

  7. Make sure you get it in time!

  8. Haha both names sound stupid ;)!


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