13 June 2011

I love my boyfriend!

He got me this pretty polish as an anniversary gift, yesterday was our 5 year mark! Time has flown by, and I am still very happy with the combination of him and me. Since November last year we work at the same office and it hasn't affected our relationship, or even for the better. I just love how he always makes me laugh even when I am supermad, and how he sometimes buys me this kinda stuff because he knows how much I'll love it.

Dior Purple Mix is a gorgeous grayed out faux-creme purple. It is dusty and dark enough to look sophisticated yet bright enough to add a touch of color. Application was 2 easy coats, but you do need to be aware of the HUGE brush Dior has. It's superwide, wider than my pinkie nail, and really tapered on the bottom so you can easily create a nice rounded line along your cuticle.

I know it isn't the most exclusive color, but I really do like it, and you must admit that those bottles from Dior give you an instant luxury feeling!


  1. So cute and happy anniversary!  I turned my boyfriend into a crazy nail polish person like myself (he sometimes tests out new colors I bring home!) and it's so sweet that your boyfriend got you that!  Very pretty color!

  2. Aww that's cute, I don't think that'll ever happen here. But he does tolerate the awful smell haha that's something too ;).

  3. Happy anniversary. A very nice present indeed.


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