18 June 2011

Models Own Peacock Green

Hi everyone :). How are you doing? I had a fun day today, did a photoshoot with some extreme make-up and fake blood.. when I get the results I'll show you! What did you do today?

I am showing you Models Own Peacock Green. A pretty metallicy polish that has some blue and green it. I needed 2 coats that went on pretty easily.

Well, that's all I can say about this one.. do you have any Models Own polishes? And what is your favorite?


  1. What a gorgeous shade, your picture captures it perfectly!

  2. Beautiful color!

  3. Thanks so much :)!!!

  4. I don't have any Models Own, but I do have a decent WL of their polish, this one being one of them. Gorgeous, really. I love the greens of Models Own.

  5. Models Own has sales sometimes, 50% off, so you really should score some if that's happening again!


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