20 June 2011

Nubar Moon Shadow.. a.k.a. I CAN HAZ MOAR LIEK THIES? KTHXBYE

Two close-ups. I know. And this is going to be way more picheavy then just 2 close-ups. Those 2 close-ups, are one and the same polish. THE SAME, I tell you!

This gorgeous polish is Nubar Moon Shadow. When I needed a new bottle of Bonder it was cheapest at an eBaystore that also sold Nubar. So, obviously, it would be a waste of combined shipping if I didn't get some pretties, right? That's why I bought Reclaim. But I wanted something more. And looked up Nubars duochromes. And then I bought this one. Now I am happy.

Are there any negatives about this polish you ask my love? Yes. It's 4 coats. It's draggy when not carefully applied. It shrinks like crazy with my China Glaze Fast Forward. It wears bad.

But come on, look at it! It's absolutely stunning and I'll make sure next time I am wearing it, I'll wrap the tips, use a regular topcoat first, maybe even sandwich, and just sit and be pretty with this polish on my paws.

What is your favorite duochrome? And how is the wear on other Nubar duochromes?


  1. Oh, nice!  Very nice, actually! Nubar is one of the brands with the biggest number of colours on my WL, of course basically all the duochromes are there too. :) I only tried Indigo Illusion multichrome made by Nubar, and it applied nicely, although streaky - I think I needed 3-4 coats, but I don't remember, it's been ages since I tried it. It was a sore disappointment, that one, colour wise, but I think the others won't be.

  2. Wow, this reminds me of Rimmel Zeitgeist, which is one of my all-time favorites but sadly very hard to find nowadays. This could be the best dupe so far :)

  3. Woah, this is stunning! Love love love it :) Too bad for the formula...but I don't think this is waste money :D

  4. Thanks you! Nubar does know how to create some kickass colors and overall I have been pleased with their formula. It seems like all multi/duochromes have the tendency to be runny and sheer.

  5. I search for some swatches and I think you are right, they are definitely in the same color family!

  6. It isnt 'waste money Elsa :D and I'll be trying it layered over black, to see if wear is better :). Thanks for the compliment!


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