29 July 2011

Cult Nails Devious Nature

Well hi there shiny pink pretty! Devious Nature was part of the A Day At The Races collection, and it's a creme pink polish. Other pretties I have from Cult Nails are Captivated and Living Water (I am sad to say I purged Cruisin' Nude.. the pink shimmer just wouldn't show up on me at all!) and I really like the Cult thus far!

The logo on the bottle is so pretty, and I like the cap and brush too. Only bad thing is I can't see which color is in which bottle with these round caps, so I peeled of the label on the bottom and stuck it back on top of the cap!

The polish was very easily applied in 2 creamy coats and dries obnoxiously shiny! I really really like this one and will definitely be wearing it more than once.

Do you own any Cult Nails polishes?


  1. There is a lot to like about this pink! And Maria from CultNails is really sweet :).

  2. I like this. It goes very well with your skintone

  3. wow pretty pink! suddenly i like pink!!

  4. You have it? Would look gorgeous on you <3.

  5. It is! Thanks :).

  6. That is stunning!


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