31 July 2011

No nails today..

but instead just some news! As from tomorrow I'll be having a weekly guestblogger. Her name is Manon and I met her on the same Dutch forum as where my addiction started. She has gorgeous nails and is great at stamping and such (which I am not) so I am very happy she wants to fill in a weekly post at my blog! Every Monday she'll be posting :). Hope you enjoy it!

Today is also the last day you can enter my giveaway. I have had many entries already (and unfortunately had to disqualify a few entries) so make sure you head over here and carefully read the rules!


  1. Jup, it is the same :).

  2. Cool!! I love her nails! She did some guestposts for me as well (if it´s the same Manon of course :P)


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