02 August 2011

Catrice Sir (exclamation) Yes Sir (exclamation)

 Hi girls! How are you doing? Did you enjoy Manon's post yesterday? I sure know I did.. her nails are so pretty!

The polish she stamped with is also gorgeous on it's own. I am talking about Catrice Sir! Yes Sir! (Blogger won't let you use the ! in blogtitels...) which is a muted army green. It polishes smoothly in 2 creamy coats and with topcoat it looks deliciously shiny. I really like most polishes Catrice offers us, the quality is good and the brush is nice too.

Do you have any experience with Catrice? And which polish of theirs is your favorite?


  1. I love Catrice! I have around 15 of their colours, I can't remember the exact number. My favourites have to be London Weather Forecast, Blue My Mind, Back to Black (the old version) and Welcome To The Jungle. :) Catrice rocks. :)

  2. I only have four Catrice nail polishes and love them.

  3. Yes, 'Sir yes sir' is very nice on its own too :) And it goes on so easily. But my personal favourite from Catrice has to be 'I sea you' I think.

  4. Great color!  I just have a few from a contest win.  I've only used Dirty Berry and Forget-Me-Not so I can't pick a favorite.  I would love to try more!


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