12 August 2011

Catrice Sir (exclamation) Yes Sir (exclamation) with some Bundle Monster love

Remember I showed you stamping with Catrice Sir! Yes Sir!? Well, it's a great base for stamping too! When I was hanging around at Jette's blog I saw this awesome snakeskin print manicure made with foil. I absolutely loved it and had to try something similar for myself!

Now, I don't have any nailfoil (yet...) but I had my spankin' new Bundle Monster plates so I just went ahead and used that instead. It turned out nice but I had some trouble with the black Konad polish. My nails are pretty small and when I stamp I hit the sides of my nails. After 1 hand I did rub some cuticle stuff on the other fingers but there was still some transfer around the nails. Any tips on preventing it, or clean-up tips? Konad stamping polish is a pain in the ass to get rid off!


  1. Well your nails are so pretty, how couldn't I be inspired :). And thank you!

    The stamp is more detailed but it is also more work, I still want to try the foil just to compare! Maybe I'll try and find a black polish that works for stamping so the clean-up gets easier :).

  2. Haha yes you should ;)!

  3. Haha it does look like fire :D but I wouldn't want to harm them <3.

  4. I have to admit when I first saw this pic I thought your nail beds were on fire. O.O  That lamp light reflection looks like a flame, pretty f-ing cool!  I'm glad to know your beauties are not on fire and safe, phew*

  5. I love those! I have to look for this plate..or well buy it :)

  6. Your mani: ♥ ! That's a great stamping design.
    Cosnova and their exclamation marks:  :'(
    Do you use pure acetone for clean up? Maybe that'll help.. 

  7. I love it! Thank you for the reference; I'm psyched that you were inspired by my mani :) The stamp is much more detailed than the foil so I like yours better...Makes me super tempted to get the stamp!
    I use a regular one-coat black when stamping, so I'm no help... I can usually remove the excess with a q-tip and a small brush.


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