14 August 2011

Essence Grand-Plié In Black

Essence Grand-Plié In Black is one of the 4 polishes from the Limited Edition Ballerina Backstage collection. It is the only dark color and it has glitter in it. In the bottle it looked gorgeous, on the nails? Not so much.

The problem with these kind of polishes you sometimes don't have enough glitter pay-off. That's what happened here. Because the glitter pay-off isn't so dense I think the effect gets lost and it looks like a black polish with some stuff in it, instead of the gorgeous black jelly base (which covered in 2 coats) and orange glitter it could have been.

Did you get anything from the Ballerina Backstage collection? And what do you think of this polish?


  1. I hate when polishes are sheer, except when meant to be jelly :).

  2. I completely agree with you, on the  "much black polish/few orange glitters" thing. This collection didn't appeal me very much. I bought Wear your little Tutu, anyway, and it's quite sheer :-( too much sheer for me.

  3. I did see pics of it with TC today and that does improve a bit, but I am dissapointed too!

  4. This was the only one I wanted.  Glad I didn't get it though.  How disappointing! 


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