19 August 2011

Joe Fresh Persian Blue

Ooooh dusty blue, how I love you. You applied perfectly, in 2 easy coats, dried to a shiny shine, and have proven to be the perfect base for stamping. Score!

This pretty was also sent to me by the lovely Kirsten, and I am very pleased with it. The bottles from Joe Fresh (a Canadian brand) are kinda weird, they are short with round caps, which results in a tricky cap/brush/nail ratio. You have to be careful not to hit the nail with the cap. The quality of the polish is exquisite so that makes up for the bottle design!

And the stamping? I'll be showing that tomorrow my lovelies!

Do you own any Joe Fresh polishes?


  1. Twilight will be shown soon too! And thank you for the compliment :).

  2. The blue looks great! And sadly no, but I really really want Joe's Twilight. I need to find a Canadian swapping buddy! 


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