22 August 2011

Orly Iron butterfly

Hey everyone! This week I am showing you a matte pretty: Orly - Iron butterfly. I own very few matte shades, I usually just use a matte topcoat when I want a change, but when Iron butterfly came out I just had to have her. Isn't she pretty? I used a topcoat on my ring finger to give this manicure a little something extra. You'll probably notice I use my ring finger as an accent nail a lot. I like how changing up one finger can change the look of a complete manicure. Less is more they say ;) And with a polish like this, I just couldn't resist showing you both ways to wear her.

Do you have a lot of matte shades? Or do you prefer using a matte topcoat over shiny polishes?


  1. I only have a few mattes (and matte top coat), but wish I had this one, it's pretty! Like the accent nail as well :)

  2. I think I only have 10 or so matte polishes (a mixture of mattes, suedes and satins).  For the most part I'm not a fan unless they look really unique.

  3. Gorgeous!  I have a small handful of matte polishes, I like them because they often have that speckled finish and you can just pop topcoat on to bring out the sparkles


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